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Doris Kloster is an artist and curator known for her photography and video works,
however, in fact, Kloster’s artistic practice has always included painting, collage,
works-on-paper, printmaking and sculpture.


2018                   European Graduate School, PhD candidate
2016                   Scuola Arte del Mosaico, Ravenna, Italy
2004 - 2005   Goldsmiths College, London, Art Therapy
1995 - 1998     New York University, M.A. Studio Art
1982 - 1983     Art Institute of Boston, Photography
1980 - 1981     Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich, Art History
1979 - 1982     Boston University, B.A. Art History


CONstitutionX: Our Human Rights, The Box Gallery, West Palm Beach, Florida, 2019
Desires of the Collective Unconscious, 99° Art Center (99°藝術中心) Taipei City, Taiwan, 2019
Horizon, El Barrio’s Artspace PS 109, New York, 2018
Art Bodega group exhibition, American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, Miami, 2017
Eureka Miami, Havi Art, Miami, 2017
Patricia Field Art/Fashion, White Dot Gallery, Miami, 2017
Epiphany, El Barrio’s Artspace PS 109 New York, 2017
Psychomachia, Casus belli, Project Space Berlin, 2017
Coming to Power: 25 Years of Sexually X-Plicit Art by Women, Maccarone, New York, 2016
Erlianhot International Art Show, Erlianhot, Inner Mongolia, China 2016
The Grassland Connects with the World, Royal Gold Gallery, Baotou, Inner Mongolia China, 2016
North Gate Art-Review of International Art Exhibition, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, China, 2016
International Plaza Gallery, Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, China, 2016
She Views Herself, 6 Mandel Galerie, Paris curated by Doris Kloster, 2014
Forests for Fashion, Exhibition at Forestry and Timber Section, UN Economic
      Commission for Europe, Geneva, 2014
Art20, Kangasala, Finland 2014
She Views Herself, Air France Invalides, Paris, curated by Doris Kloster, 2013
L'Oeuf Dans Tous Ses États, FAVA, Hôtel Des Ventes Drouot Richelieu, 2013
She Views Herself, Edition d’été, Salon Paul Ricard, Paris, curated by Doris Kloster, 2012
She Views Herself, Oddo & Cie, Paris, curated by Doris Kloster, 2012
She Views Herself, Galerie Sator, Paris, curated by Doris Kloster, 2012
Salon Exhibition, Huan Tie Times Art Museum. Beijing, 2011
Flags, Oeuvres Autour du Drapeau, Batofar, Paris, curated by Doris Kloster, 2011
An American Summer in Paris, Mona Bismarck Foundation, Paris, curated by Doris Kloster, 2011
DMZ Art Festival, Outdoor Exhibition Gallery at Seokjang-Ri Art Museum, South Korea, 2011
Phantoms & Nightmares, Historial de la Grande Guerre Museum, Péronne, and la Mission
      Arts Plastiques de la Ville de Beauvais, France, 2011
Soviet Nostalgia: Images of a Forgotten Era, Galerie Blue Square, Paris, 2009
12 Hour Time Difference, Zero Field Projects Gallery, Beijing, 2009, curated by Doris Kloster
I Know U, KIC Art Center, Shanghai, 2009
Flags, Lamorong Art Gallery, Mongolia, 2008
The Tile Project, Ku Art Center, Beijing, 2008
Self Portraits, Galerie Marugame Group, ArtSingapore, Singapore, 2007
Self Portraits, Galerie Marugame Group, CIGE, Beijing 2007
Link and Connection Future, Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, 2007
Les Deux Lumières, Galerie Frederic Moisan, Paris, 2007
Galerie Marugame Group, Art Beijing, Beijing, 2006
LanLan Gallery, Shanghai ArtFair, Shanghai, 2006
The Tile Project, Taipei’s Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, 2006
Capirotada, Leonard Codex Art Assemblage, New York City, 2006
Sarajevo’s Fine Arts Academy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2005
Kacuni’s Hastahana Tekija Mesudia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2005
Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila, 2005
The Tile Project, Ethnological Museum, Chincon, Spain, 2005
Victoire, Centre Cultural Russe, Paris, 2004
The Sex Show, The Lotus Gallery, Bath, England, 2004
Victoire, Red Army Museum, Moscow, 2003
Doris Kloster, Donostia Kultura, San Sebastian, Spain, 2003
Phantom of Desire, Neue Galerie Graz and Stadtmuseum, Graz, Austria, 2003
Confronting Female Stereotypes, Parsons, Paris, 2003
TransCultural Exchange, The Fuller Museum of Arts, Brockton, MA, 2002
Los Rituales del Amor, Teatro Arriaga Antzokia, Bilbao, 2001
Histoire O, Galeria de Arte Pi & Margall, Photo Espana, Madrid, 2001
Rituels de l'amour, Galerie Gastaud, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2001
Augenlust, Erotische Kunst in 20. Jahrhundert, Kunsthaus Hannover, Germany, 1999
TWEP Virtual Gallery, Artist in Residence, Time Warner, New York City, 1995 - 1998
New Work, Jessica Fredericks Gallery, New York City, 1997
Contemporanea 8, Galleria Aab, Brescia, Italy, 1997
Group Show, Instituto Universario Archittetura, Venice, 1996
El Ojo También, Centro de Fotografía, Santa Cruz Tenerife, Spain, 1996
Erotische, Kunsthaus, Cologne, 1996
Group Show, Instituto Universario Archittetura, Venice, 1995
Doris Kloster, Pheromone Gallery, Los Angeles, 1994
Doris Kloster, Dituri & David Gallery, New York City, 1994
Agony and Ecstasy, Turbulence Gallery, New York City, 1994
Kindle-Whirl, Thicket Gallery, New York City, 1994
Coming to Power, Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, 1994
The Long Weekend, Trial Balloon Gallery, New York City, 1993
A Summer Opening, Photo Forum Gallery, Pittsburgh, 1993
Love in a Cold Climate (21 st Century Sex), Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, New York City, 1993, curated by Doris Kloster
Coming to Power, David Zwirner Gallery, New York City, 1993
Temptation, PPS Gallery, Berlin, 1992
House of Le Cappellaine, Dooley Le Cappellaine Gallery, New York City, 1992
Total Metal, Simon Watson Gallery, New York City, 1990
Doris Kloster, Basement Gallery, Boston, 1987


2002    Doris Kloster's DemiMonde, Doris Kloster, Carlton Books
2001    The Illustrated Story of O, Doris Kloster and Pauline Réage, St. Martin's Press and La Musardine
1998    Forms of Desire, Doris Kloster, St. Martin’s Press
1995    Doris Kloster, Doris Kloster, Benedikt Taschen Verlag


2012    She Views Herself, exhibition catalogue, Oddo &Cie, Paris, curated by Doris Kloster, 2012
2012    She Views Herself, exhibition catalogue, Galerie Sator, Paris, curated by Doris Kloster, 2012
2011    DMZ, exhibition catalogue, Seokjang-Ri Art Museum, Yeonchen-Gun, South Korea
2011    Phantoms & Nightmares, exhibition catalogue, Historial de la Grande
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1993    The Abject, America, Lusitania, page 43


2003 - 2006
13ème Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand, France, served as Présidente du Jury International
9 Internationales Kurz Film Festival, Tubingen, Germany
6th Manchester International Short Film Festival, UK
9th Edition Festival Mix Brasil, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires
43rd Documentary and Short Film Festival of Bilbao
Donostia Cultura, San Sebastien, Spain


2013 - present   Member of the National Advisory Board, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
2011 - present   Creative Director and Curator of the She Views Herself exhibition series
2015                       Transart Institute, Berlin, Guest Adviser
2012 - 2013        Faux, artist, Shades of Desire, limited edition ceramics and textiles
2001 - 2008        Parsons Paris School of Art & Design, Photography Lecturer
2006                      Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) Santander, Spain, Visiting Professor Master Seminar
1992 - 2003         Eastman-Kodak Sponsored Artist
1996 - 1998          New School University, New York City, Adjunct Professor
1986 - 1996          FAD Magazine, New York City, Editorial Director
1982 - 1985          Polaroid Sponsored Artist

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